Yanitza Ayala

Administrative Assistant

Yanitza, a true Rhode Islander, brings a wealth of enthusiasm, dedication, and a passion for making a difference to both her professional and personal life.

Born and raised in the heart of Rhode Island. Yani's roots run deep in her beloved community, a place that has profoundly influenced her character and values. Yani's bilingual fluency in English and Spanish not only reflects her diverse cultural background but also allows her to bridge the gap between communities.

Upon graduating from high school, Yani found her calling as an Administrative Assistant at The Nathan Clark Team. What's truly remarkable is her meteoric rise within the company. In less than a year, Yani's insatiable appetite for learning and her ability to effortlessly manage multiple projects and tasks have propelled her to new heights, by absorbing knowledge like a sponge and skillfully multitasking to handle a multitude of projects and tasks. Her role encompasses not only administrative responsibilities but also extends to client care and front desk duties. It's at the front desk where Yani's infectious warmth and desire to assist shine brightest. Greeting clients daily and helping them with their needs is one of her favorite aspects of the job, reinforcing her commitment to both professionalism and client satisfaction.

Beyond the professional sphere, Yani is an artist at heart, finding solace and inspiration in playing the guitar and creating beautiful paintings. Her artistic endeavors mirror her vibrant, multifaceted personality.

Yani's true essence lies in her teamwork spirit and her unwavering commitment to helping others. Her genuine love for making a positive impact in people's lives resonates in all her endeavors, both within and outside her workplace.

With her harmonious blend of professionalism, artistic flair, and a compassionate heart, Yani continues to illuminate her journey with boundless potential and a relentless commitment to the betterment of her community and the people she serves.

She enjoys spending her free time with her close friends and family, as well as her beloved senior dog Henry. By preparing meals and sharing them with all of her loved ones, she enjoys bringing people together to have a fun and memorable time.