Jerina Carpio

Processing Coordinator

HI! I'm Jerina. I have a very busy life juggling being a full-time mom and working as a virtual assistant in the real estate industry in Rhode Island. 

I have a very important and detailed role as a virtual assistant for The Nathan Clark Team. My tasks include anything that has to do with the administrative work to ensure a smooth transaction process. I add new listing information to MLS and Zillow, etc., support real estate agents and their clients throughout the entire real estate contract-to-close process, handle the back-end administrative work, supervise all parts of seller transactions, review all documentation, and confirm each transaction has the proper signatures and dates to complete the home sale process smoothly. My contributions make a significant impact on our team’s real estate process.

Being a mother and managing work simultaneously is indeed a challenging balancing act. It is completely natural to have moments of

exhaustion, but my love for my son serves as a powerful motivation to keep going. My dedication and love for my family are truly invaluable. They mean the world to me, and that is a wonderful source of strength and motivation. Cherishing those connections is what makes life truly meaningful.

My passion and strong belief in faith are powerful driving forces to help me achieve my dreams. With determination and a positive mindset, I work towards turning my dreams into reality.