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“Take Home $100,000 in the Next 12 Months Guaranteed or I’ll Pay You the Difference.”

“Nathan Clark #1 Team in RI Since 2009-Today”

The #1 Team in RI for Sales 10 Years & Counting 

Among the Top 100 Teams in The USA By Wall Street Journal


Real Estate without Ever Prospecting Again

We have developed a completely unique real estate system which not only helps our agents easily earn over $100,000 a year, but also provides exceptional service for our many clients. (We are the highest ranked, most reviewed agent/team in RI.)

  • Sell 2-3 Homes per WEEK like many agents on my team do right now
  • All Customers Supplied 
  • Never ever call a lead again
  • Never worry again where your next check will come from
  • Full time Admin assistant assigned to handle your increase in business;
    Your time is actually spent working with customers VS. finding them
  • Increase your income by 300% WITHOUT giving up your personal life
  • Make more money in real estate than you ever dreamed possible

You don’t have to be a slick salesperson. In fact, you could be brand new to real estate sales. The key qualities that our most successful team members have in common are:

  • An openness to new ways of doing things 
  • burning desire to escalate their income 
  • An unquenchable desire to make theirs and others’ lives better  

Facts about the our Award Winning team: 

  • The agents on our team sell 15 Times the number of houses than the average agent and net over $100,000 VS. ​​​the median annual gross income of Realtors, which is: $41,200  (Source NAR)
  • The agents on our team take home 4.5 Times the industry average income VS. first-year agents who take home less than $9,000 a year on average, with 95% earning under $100K. (Source NAR)
  • The agents on our team work 40-50 hours per week while still making the above numbers VS. 80% of all agents who do not make it past their 5th year. (Source NAR)
  • My team does absolutely no cold-calling or traditional prospecting. Instead, they receive dozens of motivated, ready-to-act CUSTOMERS every single week. (These are not leads that need to be converted. They are actual living and breathing, ready-to-act buyers and sellers given to you- as many as you can handle.) 
  • Our clients are raving fans! We have the most reviewed and highest reviewed agents/team in the State.
  • Despite what other less successful competitors say about our proven documented success, we are the most recommended and recognized team in the state.  Our repeat referral business is 3 times higher than average. (Source NAR) ​​​

If you’re ready to increase your income by 300%, Call Nathan Clark Right Now At 401-232-7661. We will set up a backstage tour to show you how our system works and answer all your questions. 

YES!!! I’m interested in increasing my income by 300% or more. Please contact me.

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Nathan Clark, Owner/Broker